Humshaugh, Northumberland – St Peter’s (again)

I blogged St Peter’s in 2010 and 2014, and visited again on Saturday 23 September 2023. In 2014 they were debating moving the church entrance to the side where people come. A decade later they have gone for the cheaper option – a new sign! At the main entrance they have built an excellent ramp, and they leave the door open to welcome.

The inside hasn’t changed much – I didn’t photo the food bank box (will we ever be able to stop collecting for food banks?), but it was nice to see tourist leaflets available. The Chancel ceiling has seen it all, and the eagle keeps an eye on everything.

Outside I had a wander round the churchyard – the web means I can see that Susan and Katie died in an RTC on the Military Road (may they rest in peace). There is also information about Joseph Scott – I assumed some nasty railway accident, but it seems as if his family lived in a house opposite the station, so we are talking geographical area rather than building itself. Good to visit this church again.

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