northernvicar April 2023

As I come to take early retirement and move from Derbyshire back to Northumberland, there are railway lines in the Midlands that need doing. We start with Steeple Grange.

The most magnificent tree in the Vicarage garden is a gorgeous Magnolia.

Then a trip to Liverpool.

One service at Easter, and Julie preached. Then a few days in North Wales to do some of the narrow gauge lines.

There was a lot of hospital at the end of April, but also an opportunity to photo this roadsign in Stoke-on-Trent.

My final service was on Sunday 30 April. I had only come out of hospital (after a week in) on Friday, and was worried about getting up. It was all a bit much. However it needed to be done. I was staggered by the amount of cars already parked by the Red Cow and people in church. In all we apparently had 150 adults and 12 children there – I had done 120 Orders of Service!. I did the welcome, the talk and the eucharistic prayer, Chris (my predecessor) did the rest, Rachael (curate) read the lesson, Clive did the prayers. Sumsion in F from a decent sized choir. My talk was basically a slide show of 30 glorious years – I used the text Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10.10). It all went smoothly, even though it was an hour and ten minutes. Then down to the Hall, but I was shattered by then!

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  1. Paul Rowntree says:

    All good wishes, Peter. And thank you for your ministry! — Paul

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