Derby – St Anne’s

St Anne’s church on Whitecross Street is a typical High Church built in 1871-72 for the expanding town. Despite being a near-neighbour, it is under the Bishop of Ebbsfleet and I had never been in until an organ recital on Monday 28 March 2022. The original design was by Ordish and Traylen – rather depressing that when you search for them, nearly all the references are to churches they built that are now closed. I need to get a photo from a distance – from close up it is rather unprepossessing, though the side door is rather fun – thin clergy for the use of.

Pevsner says that the big windows create “a powerful and majestic effect” – not sure I’d agree. It must cost a fortune to heat! Having said that, I can imagine that proper High Church liturgy, the choreography done properly amidst swirling clouds of incense, could be rather splendid.

The Chancel is impressive. The paintings are scenes from the life of Christ by Daniel Bell, “a notable work of Pre-Raphelite influence” – they do not seem to have stood the test of time particularly well. Some others on each side.

A couple of side altars, a wonderful vestry and a venerable box.

The days of the past when clergy were proper clergy (I don’t know their current incumbent, I’m sure he is “proper” too), a solid font, and a fun window.

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