northernvicarwalks – July 2021

Northern Vicar is not very good at walking. I only managed 17 miles this month, partly because of an ingrowing toenail.

I did manage railway trips to Marple, the tram curve in the middle of Sheffield, the early morning curves used in Toton yard, the line at Amerton, and the East Coast Main line from Doncaster down to Peterborough and back via Pyewipe Junction in Lincoln. Here are the railway records – part of my campaign to do all British Rail track for a third time.

I did manage to do some work. We have 10 am services in both churches, a Zoom at 11.30, Evensong in one church or the other, and a Wednesday morning Communion. Three weddings, a baptism, and several Memorials/Burials of ashes.

A beautiful day at Stowe Gardens in Buckinghamshire.

A few days in Northumberland at the end of the month. Forum Books in Corbridge was wonderful, Souter Lighthouse and Arbeia Roman fort.

I am still managing a daily facebook ramble. Here they are.

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