Derwent Valley Heritage Way 9 – Belper to Milford

Walk 8 was on 2 September 2019, walk 9 on 4 September 2020 – and that was only by accident. I started in the Oxfam Bookshop – a superb Oxfam Bookshop, but buying two heavy books at the start of the walk was just stupid.

I went through the Memorial Gardens and admired the flowers. The sculpture is of Jim Green, who died on the Somme – http://

Then I decided I would follow the Derwent Valley Heritage Way towards Milford. It was a lovely walk. I went through Belper Parks, then the edge of the town, and along past Rowlandhill Farm – some lovely views down into the Valley. Along to Shaw Lane and down into Milford. It looks to be a fascinating village with cottages that must date back to its Mill past. There are some little footpaths that will be worth following. The Primitive Methodist Chapel is now a house, and I chatted to the lady who says it is a lovely holiday cottage but rather echoey (when her children are chasing round at 7 am).

I walked back to Belper along the A6, nice view over the railway to the River – I found this photo of the Goods’ Shed in the 1960s, all rather derelict now.

I walked past Park Foundry, which was formed in 1850. It used to make solid fuel stoves, but seems to have been closed for a good few years now. There is a footpath north of the railway from the A6 to Gibfield Lane. This leads to The Avenue, which does not have any exit at the far end. I walked back, rather annoyed at the extra walking, and found a Midland Railway Boundary Post which I had missed. Rather chuffed by that discovery! Back through to the Station via the Coop – such excitement. I had walked 4 miles, and had enjoyed it

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