northernvicarwalks – May 2020

This cartoon sums up the shambles that was May. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. It will be interesting if people reading this blog in 20 years time have any idea who the cartoon relates to. I know an historian should give his sources, but I will not mention the evil man’s name.

The first half of the month was spent walking round the garden, going some cooking, and trying to hold everything together.

Thursday 14 was the first proper walk, a circle through Quarndon and the outskirts of Duffield. Lovely to see that the tree is still there, and the log is good too.

I managed some walks the next few days. We’re not supposed to drive somewhere to walk or use public transport, so I have to be able to start and finish here. Fortunately there are lovely walks from my own front door. I managed 52 miles in May – add that to Jan 60, Feb 19, Mar 28, Apr 29 and I’ve done 188 this year.

I also managed a daily facebook post – here are the documents. Finally, enjoy the rose. Beauty in the time of Covid.

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  1. Barbara Korzeniowska says:

    super reference at the top.

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