northernvicarwalks [or doesn’t walk] – April 2000

Here we are in the time of Covid-19. This is one cartoon which sums up the month. The one below sums up what it felt like not to do Holy Week and Easter in my churches. You had to try and smile (or else you’d cry). If you want to know what we got up to in our two churches, have a look at

The furthest I got in the month was Nottingham Road Cemetery. The staff there (and at the Crem) are being superb. We tried to keep in touch with people through emails, phone, and facebook. Here are my daily facebook ramblings.

I did some cooking. Here is Derbyshire Shepherd’s Pie and Orkney Bere bread with flour from Barony Mill –

I spent a lot of time enjoying (and working in my garden). I will never complain about the size of the Vicarage garden again. The magnolia was gorgeous.

Bluebells and tulips (must plant more bulbs for next year).

I had the pleasure of company.

I walked 29 miles this month – so that’s 154 this year. At least you can see where I’ve been.

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