Northernvicarwalks – Nuneaton, George Eliot, and Astley Book Farm

On Saturday 4 August I was a little bit shattered after a long drive yesterday, but Julie decided she wanted a day out. One does not argue with my wife – read her blog. Northernreader said we were going to Nuneaton to see what they have about George Eliot. Her MA consultation is with Elizabeth Gaskell’s House in Manchester, so it’s always good to get some ideas. The Museum is well signposted, and we parked nearby – nice park too. Website here. We started in the café, then the George Eliot gallery, then the art upstairs, then the local history gallery. I asked for permission to photo their children’s activities (and snapped the station bench too). Some good ideas, some useful resources – a small community museum, obviously working hard to interest a new audience.

After Nuneaton we drove a few more miles to Astley Book Barn – website. It is a very large second hand bookshop, so J was happy (ecstatic?) here while I had a five mile walk. I enjoyed photoing harvest scenes. They also have an excellent café – so I put back on the calories I had walked off.


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