Martindale, Cumbria – St Peter

Bampton to Martindale is not very far as the crow flies – a bit further when Clare is driving. Pooley Bridge, up beside Ullswater – we have promised ourselves a trip on the steamer later in the summer – and I was glad she was driving the zig zag to St Peter’s church, NY 436192 – website. I think it has a fortnightly service.

The architect was J.A. Cory, 1880-2 – he’s another local church builder. Pevsner says “a prim Victorian church sits uneasily here” – it didn’t feel prim (nothing prim would have survived all these Cumbrian winters). It was built of the local Hallin Fell stone, has some nice wood, including a massive parish chest. I wonder if the chest was in an earlier church, and how many horses it took to get it up the road.

Just one set of memorials. What gives this church the edge are the windows. Apart from the east window, they are all by Jane Gray. Charles Barrand, a previous Vicar, led the project. We came across Jane’s work at Shrewsbury Abbey (though in that blog I spelt her with an e), and there is a report about her – website. She has written a book called “Playing with Rainbows” (Ellingham Press, 2011).

The west window celebrates the Benedicite – O all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord: praise him, and magnify him for ever.


I was going to take you through each window, but someone else – website – has done that. Just enjoy these lovely images.

Outside we had a wander round – wondering how they bury in so much rock, and singing “Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?” Why can I remember the hymns of my childhood, but not remember what happened yesterday?



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