Northernvicarwalks – October, November and December 2017

I could quietly forget the fact I was going to try and walk 1,000 miles in 2017, and hope my beloved readers don’t notice – or I can be honest and admit my failures. I can use it as an opportunity to give you a few photos that don’t really fit anywhere else. Hope you enjoy.

On Saturday 14 October Anne was with us – so we went to Heage Windmill (well worth a visit – website), and walked from High Peak Junction to Cromford Mills and back. Just three miles – and I want a ride on “Birdswood”, the trip boat – website.

On Monday 16 October I tried some of the footpaths north of The Hanging Gate – a nice afternoon, but disappointing how many footpaths do not exist.

On Tuesday 24 October when I went to the Skeleton Exhibition in Leeds, I managed a three mile walk in Leeds and another three mile walk in Sheffield – most of the Five Wiers Walk from Meadowhall into the City Centre – website.

The following day I walked four miles along the old railway line by Etwall – why isn’t every week as profitable as this? 51 miles walked in October.

12 miles walked in November. No further comment is necessary.

December was slightly better – 32 miles in total. Most of it around Allestree. The only one worth mentioning was 5 miles by the Weaver Navigation in Northwich, Cheshire, with the Hunns on Boxing Day.

My total is 577. Not quite the 1,000 miles I had planned for the year. School report … “Could do better”. Not that my PE reports were ever good when I was at school. If I hadn’t walked, I would not have watched this heron beside the Weaver.






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  1. Anne Penfold says:

    It is very difficult to fit walking in with a full time job – and 3 miles is an hour, more if you stop to look at stuff. I really enjoyed our trips to the mills, as well.

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