Heage, Derbyshire – St Luke

We had the afternoon of Sunday 25 June off, and went across to Hardwick Hall. We went via Belper as I wanted to collect some train tickets. As we went through Heage we saw this notice – so stopped to visit St Luke’s church – SK370506 – website.


The original church dates to 1661 (at least, that is my educated guess), and the porch is 1752.

Then they added a wider extension at the west end – which means that the church now has two altars. They use the original one when they use the old chapel for Evensong, and the newer one for the more informal morning service. They would like to get rid of the pews in the new bit and replace them with something better. I can see why.

It is stepped access to the main church, but flat access into the old one – they opened the door for us – we walked through the display.

Coffee and scones were served, and we enjoyed the displays. It seems a lot of work for a weekend. They were having a Songs of Praise this evening.

I liked this Good Samaritan window, and the expressions of the priest and Levite, and Jesus with the woman at the well is rather nice too.


They had done a colourful display on the font, and the roof was worth looking up at.

Outside an interesting churchyard to have a poke around.

There’s also a windmill in this village – something else to visit – website.


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  1. andrew strange says:

    Beautiful church and we so lucky to have in our village

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