Bulwick, Northamptonshire – St Nicholas

The final church was St Nicholas, Bulwick SP963942 – still Northamptonshire – website. I had been here in the  early 1990s when the Rectory was the Reverend Mervyn Wilson. He was a main-mover behind The Rural Theology Association – website – and I was a country Curate with seven villages. He had two villages (Bulwick and Deene), lived in a huge Rectory, had an orchard of rare apples, and was a country parson of the old school. He wrote this article. The world has changed in the last 25 years. Deene is now a CCT church. Bulwick is one of five in the benefice, only has a monthly service, and the Rectory is now owned by someone who seems to have spent a fortune on it. I wonder what happened to the orchard, and what the next 25 years holds for this village church.

We parked in the pub car park, and I walked to the church. The tower and spire rises to 115 feet.

The nave arcade dates from about 1200, the south arcade about a hundred years later.

Some interesting war memorials and kneeler.

Other memorials to members of the Tryon family. The bottom one commemorates Vice-admiral Sir George who died with 300 of his men when HMS Victoria collided with HMS Camperdown and sank in the Mediterranean in 1893 – website.

This one is Sir Henry and Eleanor Fowkes (did 1612 and 1609).

Some interesting windows – I like the angels.

The font is medieval, with a cover that cost £4 in 1866. Nice sedilia too.

I had a wander outside, and enjoyed some graves. The houses of this village are rather good too – way out of my price bracket! This is a lovely part of the world, and needs more explorations.




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