Technical problems, and a simpler world

I just wish to assure my readers that northernvicar is alive and kicking. I’m on my post-Christmas break this week and will attempt to blog some churches. I have written one blog, but I cannot get photos from my camera to load. All I get is “http error”. It will get sorted.

We have been to a lovely exhibition at Derby Museum – The Story of Children’s Television from 1946 to Today – website. It is only on until the 29 January, so this week is your last chance to see it. Here is a mobile phone photo of Rosie and Jim. Let’s see if this will load. 

All together now …

“Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim, chugging along on the old Rag Doll.

Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim, and John who drives the boat.”

Many years ago we had a day trip to the Isle of Wight. Gareth had a major strop when we wouldn’t let him wear the life jacket that was stored under the seat. Rosie and Jim told him you must always wear a life jacket when on water, so why wouldn’t we let him?

And this goes back to my youth. We didn’t need laptops, digital cameras and everything that makes life complicated.

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