To be continued (we hope)

I tried to add a final photo to the Ironbridge blog, only to be told my storage space (all 13 Gb of it) was full. Not that I had had any prior warning of this … . It seems as if I can only add more storage space by upgrading to a site which costs me about £15 a month (as opposed to £10 a year). Alternatively we have to do something clever by changing server, but that will change the web address, or start a new blog (northernvicar2 perhaps) which will also change the web address. Whatever I choose to do will no doubt take time, effort, need the (conflicting) advice of my children and others, and add to my grey hairs. In the meantime, I will continue to holiday, continue to photo churches, write up the 8 that are waiting – and you, dear reader, can look back over my past posts – or read my wife at or my daughter at

Hopefully I will be back – if the blog disappears from where you expect it to be, try looking at and I’ll ensure the right link is there.

A man called Joseph Campbell is supposed to have said “Computers are like Old Testament gods. Lots of rules, and no mercy”.

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