Dean Road Cemetery, Scarborough, Yorkshire

No, I am not going to start blogging about cemeteries and cemetery chapels, but I made a pilgrimage today (24 June). John Wilson Carmichael, maritime artist and railway historian, is buried here. He was born on 9 June 1799 in Newcastle, and died in Scarborough on 2 May 1868. This is a portrait of him by Thomas Ellerby painted in 1839 and in the collection of Tyne & Wear Museums.

Carmichael_1839I have written an 8,000 word essay on him for the Institute of Railway Studies and Transport History, University of York – email me if you’d like the pdf. I am going to put it into a talk, in St Mary’s Church Hall, Ponteland, Saturday 13 September 2014, 3 pm and 7.30 pm. Here are some of his etchings from his “Views on the Tyne” published in 1832 – carmichael views on the tyne

I caught the metro to Sunderland, bought some flowers, trained to Middlesbrough, then on along the beautiful Esk Valley Line to Whitby – I caught the bus to Scarborough and got chatting to Corrine, asked her whether the bus went anywhere near Dean Road Cemetery. “Get off at my stop” she said and insisted on walking me there. You meet some lovely people in this world.

Pam from the Friends of Dean Road Cemetery – –  had emailed me “Go thro the main cemetery gates on Dean Rd and face the chapel. at the top of the path turn left then ignoring the edge stones going down to your left turn left behind the hedge into Section C. Count 9 rows downwards and go across the section on that row towards the wall on Dean Rd. Mr Carmichael is in the 4th grave before the wall It is quite distinctive as it is taller than the surrounding stones. Good luck!”

I found him, laid my flowers, said a prayer, and took some photos. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. (His wife Mary is buried in Elswick cemetery in Newcastle).

DSC00579DSC00595 DSC00581

DSC00586The Friends have worked with the Borough Council and done a good job renovating the cemetery. They are now working with others to redevelop the Cemetery Chapel. Excellent.

DSC00602DSC00599I walked to Scarborough station and returned via York. Let’s have a photo of the unique milepost at York station to finish this blog.





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  1. Jan Cleary says:

    I’m part of the group working to restore Dean Road chapel in Scarborough, and we’ve just been awarded £50,900 by the Heritage Lottery Fund for the development part of the project. We’re researching the lives of prominent people in the cemetery and will be making the information available in the chapel. I’d really appreciate it if you could let us have your work on John Wilson Carmichael which you mention in your blog. Our email is
    Thanks very much,
    Jan Cleary

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