Holy Spirit, Denton

I am on sabbatical – and just to prove it here are some photos of my garden. The first two were taken at 10 pm on Wednesday 18 June 2014 – the eve of the Feast of Corpus Christi. Not a bad new camera!DSC00424


The Feast of Corpus Christi is the day when the church celebrates the gift of Holy Communion. Jacqueline emailed to see if anyone could celebrate the Eucharist at Holy Spirit, I replied “yes, if no one else volunteers. I’m on sabbatical”. No one else did! Julie and I joined half a dozen of them for a very enjoyable service.

I typed “architecture holy spirit denton” into google. The church plans are available on the Incorporated Church Building Society website. 1955-57, architect Newcombe and Newcombe, and an architect the ICBS consulted said “the ‘design’ is up to the poor average of its kind, and possesses no spirit of any sort.” Fortunately that architect is anonymous! Pevsner does not mention it. It has to be said that it felt a bit like an aircraft hanger, and the stained glass is hardly stunning. The main problem is that 60 years on the church is too large – it seats about 170 and the average Sunday congregation is just over 30. I have no answers as to how you grow a church on an estate; I simply stand in awe of those who try.












DSC00450Our small service was held in the narthex – they have made a very nice entrance porch with flat access, disabled loo, and good noticeboards. It felt good to be there – worth breaking my sabbatical for.


I had a smile at the pile of Easter Candles in a box in the vestry. Next time I need a 2008 Paschal Candle, I know where to come!




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