Healey – St John

Julie and I were driving to the Hexham Book Festival – a marvellous few days of authors and events in what has become our favourite town. It was a beautiful morning, so I went the pretty way. Healey is a Grade II listed building, on a minor road, with a handful of houses nearby – NZ014583. The church was built in 1860, tower added 1890.





Nice porch, but every single poster in it was out of date, the details are given of the Vicar who retired a year ago, and the inside noticeboard still has an article dating from 1994 about the Church Commissioners loosing money – depressing. It is not rocket science to have one A4 poster welcoming people into a church, giving a contact number and times of services – but if no one in the church will even do that, one does wonder if there is any point in keeping these churches open.


It’s a nice little church, and there are three rather nice Evetts windows, the life of Cuthbert. Sorry these photos are not brilliant. I tried to find better ones and failed – but I did find this rather good flickr site of Evetts windows.









There are two moderner windows – and they won an award. I don’t like them, but most people writing in the visitors’ book think they are marvellous. If you want to find out more, read this article from The Guardian.


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