Netherwitton – St Giles

I needn’t apologise for the delay in blogging – it’s less than 2 minutes since I pressed “Publish” on the last one – and I can’t apologise for the white space in the last one as that is WordPress’ fault. (One of my pet hates is the computer voice on the train that apologises for the late running of this service. I want a human being to apologise, not a computer. How can a computer feel sorry for “any inconvenience caused?” End of rant).

I love driving through Netherwitton. Lovely old mill dating to 1787 – first cotton, then woollen, then saw, now apartments. No shop, one bus a day to Morpeth and back – but the church survives. St Giles, down a track at NZ102904, beside the River Font. Gorgeous. Beautiful trees shield the main door.


The font is thirteenth or fourteenth century.



This is a lovely photo. The Vicarage band at the turn of the last century:



Some nice tombs and effigies (the lady is fourteenth century), though the pain of the tablet to the child had me wiping away a tear. The Trevelyan family lived at the Hall, which has its own private gate into the church. More info on the Hall at – I wonder if they ever open it to the plebs? The sky really was that colour – yes, it is January.

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