Milbourne – Holy Saviour

I haven’t blogged about my two churches – which is daft really. Holy Saviour Milbourne (NZ117751) is lovely. It’s out in the middle of the fields, 4 miles north of Ponteland. Built in 1867 by Miss Jane Anne Bates of Milbourne Hall – it is a Chapel of Ease built to serve the family and staff of Milbourne Hall, to save the journey into Ponteland. I often wonder if the clergy of the time were grateful when they got a new church. It is somewhat ironic that 140 years later people people drive from Ponteland to worship here – but I can understand why. This year we have been able to get organised so the church is open every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays during the summer. (If you do visit, please sign the Visitors’ Book – the more signatures, the easier it will be to persuade one or two in the congregation that people have been and visited!).

The Millennium Window, by Cate Watkinson.

Theo, my little lad, lies in Milbourne churchyard – he’d have enjoyed exploring all these churches.

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