Alnwick – St Michael

I sing with the Baliffgate Singers in Alnwick, and we were singing at Jemma and Murdoch’s wedding – very odd to be singing and not taking it! In the few minutes between the rehearsal and the arrival of the guests I took a few quick pictures. Pevsner describes it as “a completely Perp church, of a unity and a size uncommon in Northumberland”. Uncommon because up here the 14th and 15th centuries were not periods of wealth and prosperity – looking round Alnwick, I could almost be back in Suffolk. In 1464 Henry VI granted Alnwick a port and some tolls to “make and repair their church”. The East End is stunning – although you can tell you’re still North because of the look out tower to watch for on-coming Scotsmen!

These two statues were dug up from the foundations during repair work in the eighteenth century. They were minus heads (these are modern replacements) and were probably removed at the Reformation. Henry VI is on the left, and St Sebastian on the right. The card is a grotty little bit of card with a typed information notice on – altered by biro. A course in presentation wouldn’t go amiss …

Various medieval grave slabs inside and out:

A new font was made for the Millennium by a local sculptor – who isn’t named in the leaflet – using Kilkenny limestone. I like the crosses made – I assume – by local children. My interior photos were not very good, especially those of the windows. I’ll come back sometime when the bride isn’t due to arrive!

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