Corsenside – All Saints

Continuing south down the A68 we come to West Woodburn, past the Post Office, cross the River Rede, and follow the minor road towards East Woodburn. Almost mid-way between the two is the other Corsenside church, All Saints (NY901867).

A beautiful river runs the other side of the road. Susan told me she has baptised two young lads in the river – their idea – and that, for the wedding of a forester’s daughter recently, her dad built a bridge across the river for his daughter to arrive at church. How wonderful!

The foundation stone was laid on 24 August 1906, built by Hicks and Charlewood, in a decorated style, with marvellous woodwork inside. The church was consecrated on 1 November 1907.








The organist is in a cubby hole on the north side, and in the vestry on the south is this intriguing lamp – I wonder if it was originally at Woodburn station.








We went down into the village and lunched at The Bay Horse – – baguette and chips so large I didn’t manage to finish the lot. Doing well, apparently – plenty of passing traffic on the A68. How nice to spend a morning with a priest enjoying her lot – a great morning! Thanks Susan.

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