northernvicar – January to March 2024

I’m coping with chemotherapy, but managing to get out. No churches visited, but you might like these photos. The level crossing gates remain at Thorneyburn station on the Hexham-Riccarton Junction route – the line closed in 1958. Lovely snowdrops at Newbrough church.

On Sunday 18 February I was feeling good and it was a lovely day, so I went for a drive up the A68. Bremenium, Old Rochester, is a place I have not been to for years. The Roman fort is very atmospheric. I just had a short walk, but it was lovely. There is a new website at

and more info at

The bulbs and blossom has been marvellous this year – here we are in the Sele in Hexham.

In March I managed to get out and do some of the Wall museums, but as I’ve blogged them in the past I won’t re-do them. It was lovely to visit Corbridge and see the painted version of Flavinus. The original is in Hexham Abbey by the Welcome desk.

I had listened to an English Heritage podcast about the dodecahedrons that have been found on the Wall. I’m not quite sure how they managed to make a half hour podcast on them, but there is a lot of speculation as to what they are and what they were used for.

I only managed one train trip – a ride over to the Keighley and Worth Railway.

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