northernvicar July 2023

Our last month in Derbyshire, and we can still find new experiences. Kedleston was a favourite spot during lockdown, but my days of walking “The Long Walk” are over. On Monday 3 July I found they now have a Tramper to hire, so I accepted my condition and enjoyed the ride. Memo to self – reduce speed before seeking to go through a gate!

My brother and I decided we needed a day’s jaunt round Lincolnshire to do the railway lines I should have done over the last seven years, and I managed a day in London to do HS1 and the western end of the Central Line.

Two visits to The Christie in Manchester for chemotherapy – on both occasions delays in the blood department meant several hours of waiting. I wish they were as good at doing bloods as they are at doing gardens!

We ended our time in Derbyshire with afternoon tea at Oakhill in Cromford (a lovely 60th birthday present that needed to be used) and lunch at Croots in Duffield (which has always welcomed us).

Moving was stressful. These days firms do a video survey, and seem to think that is enough – even when they get the contract. Do not complain about the number of books you have to move if you haven’t come and seen them! We got there in the end – northernvicar is northern again. So here is Hadrian’s Wall at Heddon (in the pouring rain), and the signal box at Hexham.

The final train ride of the month was a trip from Hexham to Manchester. I had forgotten how gorgeous the line is from Hexham to Carlisle – there will be more photos as time goes on.

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  1. Barbara Korzeniowska says:

    So, you were near me in West Ealing. what an adventure!

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