northernvicar January to March 2023

Let’s start a new year with a couple of rides on the Great Central Railway.

Then a few days in Cambridge. It was a pleasure to revisit both the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Scott Polar Reasearch Institute – places I often went to as a child. Captain Oates’ sleeping bag brought back lots of memories, and I like the notice in the lift.

Then a couple of local tram/train trips, and another visit to the Great Central. They do a superb breakfast!

Northern Rail had a flash ticket sale – it would have been rude to have ignored it!

I have been off work since October last year due to cancer, and have started the process to apply for early retirement on the grounds of ill health. I did take the United Candlemas service at St Matthew’s, which was a pleasure even though it wore me out. “Dad”, said Doctor Hannah, “there is a reason you are signed off work”.

A week near Settle at the beginning of February was a joy – Routster Cottage, booked through Sykes Cottages. Excellent wheelchair access. Several train trips!

Later in February we went back to Northumberland, and had a lovely day at Vindolanda.

Another trip on the Great Central when they were running the Mountsorrell branch.

Following my cancer surgery last year they have now decided some chemotherapy might slow it all down (it won’t get rid of it, but slowing down is a good thing!). I needed a trip to Manchester so they could install a portacath (a clever pump which sits under the skin and means they haven’t got to stick large tubes in me every time I need drugs). When you have a Northern Rail £10 voucher, why not go from Derby to Manchester via Morecambe?

I started March with another train ride – Cleethorpes and home on the Saturday only service via Brigg.

Fortnightly chemo started in Manchester on 8 March. I was fortunate enough not to have any of the horrendous side effects, but all the treatment makes me very tired. On the good days I tried to do things (and they often seem to involve trains!). Statfold Barn was wonderful, then a Midland Main Line diversion via Corby, a trip on Peak Rail, and my second Northern £10 offer – this time to Scarborough.

Sarah captured this photo of St Matthew’s, and I photoed the daffodils at St Edmund’s. Church life (and worship) continues, even if it doesn’t continue with me!

My favourite news story of the month is that Cambridge University Press, the King’s Printers, have reprinted the Book of Common Prayer, changing “Elizabeth” to “Charles”. Unfortunately they have also changed the mention of Elizabeth I in the ratification of the 39 Articles. This means that the wording has changed from: “Our Sovereign Lady ELIZABETH, by the grace of God, of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith” to “Our Sovereign Lord CHARLES, by the grace of God, of England, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith.” That puts my Order of Service typos into perspective! (It would have been even funnier if it had been Oxford University Press which had made the mistake).

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