Hartburn, Northumberland – St Andrew (for the third visit)

Monday 14 January was a beautiful day. We’re on holiday in Northumberland, so we went for a drive. We went through Morpeth, and stopped at Hartburn. St Andrew’s church is rather lovely, and this is the third time I have visited. I left Julie in the car park with a book, and strolled across. The Norman tower is very impressive, even if the strong Winter sun made it difficult to get the right exposure. Nice arch over the door, and it is a pleasure to open the door and enter.

It was also nice to meet another photographer – Ian Lees, who is a photo-archivist. We discussed lots of places we had visited, and places we would like to. His work is on the website of Scotland’s Churches Trust – which is full of lovely places I want to visit. Please can I retire? Have a look at the stained glass blog posts – https://scotlandschurchestrust.org.uk/the-blog/. There is a page of his stained glass photos on the website of Crichton Collegiate Church –http://www.crichtonchurch.com/gallery/ – another one to visit. He takes a lot longer about his photos than I do – and I stand in awe. Here is the gorgeous Evetts window in Hartburn.

I like the Victorian window which has Hilda and Cuthbert (she’s holding Whitby abbey, he is holding the head of St Oswald – the way one does).

I need to play with the exposure setting for the East Window. The first time I came the church was locked for building work, the second time they had a Nave altar and I wrote about “what do you do with a Chancel?” They have now gone back to a proper East End altar – the Chancel is back in use. Napoleonic flags, a wonderful light, and two beautiful memorials. The lady is Mary Ann Bradford, the gentleman James Henry Hollis Atkinson.

It was good to visit this church again, to chat to Ian, and my wife understood why I had been gone so long.

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3 Responses to Hartburn, Northumberland – St Andrew (for the third visit)

  1. Ann Chapman says:

    A beautiful church with gorgeous windows. Thanks for this

  2. Jason C Greene says:

    I have a silver tea set owned by the Atkinson family with their Coat of Arms on it. Small world. I live in San Clemente California USA

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