Quarndon, Derbyshire – St Paul

The last church of August. On Friday 31st I had a funeral to do just up the road at Quarndon as Becky the Vicar is on holiday. All straightforward, and an opportunity to blog St Paul’s – SK 335410. They have a website and we work together in Allestree Churches Together.

There is an old C12 chapel, of which one chunk remains – I must walk up and photo it next time I walk through the village (which I do quite often). There is a drawing of the old church inside. Funding for this church was provided in part by a generous donation of land and funding by the Reverend Alfred Curzon, 4th Baron Scarsdale, and donations from others.

Pevsner gives it three lines: “1872-4 by Giles & Brookhouse. Tasteless and restless, aggressively rock-faced, with SW broach spire and Dec, detailing.” I think we can say that Mr Pevsner was not impressed! I think it is an OK church outside and fits well amid the yews. Inside it is a nice open church, with some interesting detailing.

The East window dates to 1890, a very colourful representation of the conversion of St Paul, there are another couple of stained glass windows, and the eagle keeps watch.

The War Memorial stands by the road, and I like the way they have added a new plaque which makes sure the information is known and updated. A Commonwealth War Grave in the churchyard – doing that funeral must have been harder than the one I did.






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