northernvicarwalks September 2017

At the end of August I had walked 434 miles. I walked 48 miles in September. By the end of the month I have walked 482 miles.

The first week was 8 miles locally and 10 miles while in Cambridge on 8 September. Clare Fellows’ garden, Cambridge North station, and my birthplace (23 Long Reach Road, Cambridge).

The second included walks to and from College, walks in Cumbria and London, and a lovely day round Kedleston with the University History department.

Local and Brodsworth in week 3. Local and Jarrow in week 4. No extra walking photos, so here is the wonderful Voces 8. If you have not heard them, go and do so. Their website is here. We heard them singing at Penkridge, but it was too wet and dark for decent photos. I assume it is OK to use this photo – Andrea, the lass in blue, used to sing in RSCM choirs with Hannah. They’ve all grown up a bit since then!

Voces8 Group Promo

We also had a day on the Severn Valley Railway, and a great concert with the Fron Male Voice Choir and Julie’s cousin Roger in St Mary’s Bridgnorth. It is another church that will need to be re-visited and blogged. The Fron’s website is here. The morale of the bottom photo is that, even if your train is late, you can’t get stressed if you’re waiting for the train coming in the other direction. You can’t go until it’s arrived.

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