Lazonby, Cumbria – St Nicholas

St Nicholas, Lazonby, is in the middle of the village, just to the east of the station – NY549397. There is a leaflet which gives a circular drive from Penrith via this church and three others. I like the welcome notice and Café church banner – but how many s’s in Mission? I googled Lazonby church and didn’t find much – I then searched for “East of Eden Mission Community” and found it – which is OK if you’re in the know.

Finlay Hansford, my Godson, was being confirmed here on Sunday 21 May. We got there nice and early, and had a push to get Julie up the hill and in to church. Wheelchair ramps were in place and the warden could not have been more helpful.

There was an early church on this site – there are records from 1167 – but it was completely destroyed. There is an early preaching cross, and a substantial war memorial.

A Victorian church was built in the mid 1860s and consecrated in 1866. The architect was Anthony Salvin – we came across his work at North Sunderland and elsewhere.







Canon Wilson was Rector here from 1877 to 1920 – 43 years. He was a fine wood carver, and seems to have carved everything that didn’t move.

I like the way they have re-used some of the carved screens in the 2009 kitchen.

I liked this window, altar and figure.

Sadly there was no choir today, but we all sang well. I haven’t sung this chorus for a few years.

The church was pretty full for the service. The Bishop of Penrith did a good job, and chatted to the youngsters afterwards. All in all, a lovely morning. I am a proud Godfather.

I found time to have a quick explore of the Settle and Carlisle station – 1870, once a very busy place, with sheep auctions in the goods yard.


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