northernvicar walks – March 2017

I started March with walks round the parish. On Saturday 4 March we had a day in Stoke on Trent – the Potteries Museum is excellent. I had a walk beside the Caldon Canal. That was 9 miles in 4 days.

20 miles in the first full week. Darley Park, a trip to the hospital and back, church and school, and a guided walk round Belper. That was part of a Derwent Valley Heritage day – we met some smashing people and it is an interesting town.

Next week was even better – 29. 18 of those were around Derby, then we had four days up north. I had the pleasure of a walk by Alnwick Castle (on a rather grey day), another in Hexham, lovely gardens at Wallington, and Birdoswald and the Wall.

22 miles the following week. I started in Liverpool. We had a lovely visit to the Walker Art Gallery on Sunday, then I left Julie in the library while I walked to the Pierhead. I had a day in Sheffield to give platelets and had a walk beside the canal. On Friday 24 I was in London – walked Euston to Victoria, Tower to St Paul’s via London Bridge, then St Paul’s back to Euston.

I stayed in Derbyshire the next week. One afternoon I left Julie in the Bookshop at Brierlow Barn and walked beside the railway (the freight line to the quarry south of Buxton), and on another did the Cromford Canal from Ambergate to Cromford. 18 miles.

So that is 98 miles in March – 13 more than was required. At the end of last month I said “I should have done 162 miles, I have done 75.” Now I should have done 247 and have done 173. I am closing the gap! I have some churches to write up – but have currently misplaced my Derby Cathedral guidebook.

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  1. Adrian McRobb says:

    You certainly get around, do you when on your travels, visit other Christian Places, Churchs, Meeting Halls etc?
    This reminds me of how, in the distant past other Christian activists (monks, clergy etc) were in the habit (no pun intended) of visiting others with similar beliefs.

    I like walking too, and visit Churchs whenever I can, sadly now unless there is a specific reason, most of them are locked…I remember when I was a lad, they were always open, some quite late. But now I am 62, I do understand the reasons behind this new policy.

    • admin says:

      I like to visit – though Anglican churches tend to be open more than others. I don’t think keeping locked is a new policy – the problem is finding people to unlock and lock daily (and do it reliably), and persuading people that it is safe to leave them open. Ecclesiastical Insurance say they pay out more on locked than on unlocked churches. You might find this interesting

      • AdrianMcRobb says:

        Very interesting article.
        I think I get more out of spirituality, by sitting in an empty church, than when it’s full of worshippers.
        It seems more personal, and connected…

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