Whissendine, Rutland – St Andrew

We drove south out of Wymondham and, as it was getting late and foggy, didn’t go via Edmonthorpe (which is a CCT church). Another minor road – this car will need a clean – and we crossed the railway at Whissendine Station SK837166. It was opened on 1 May 1848 and closed on 3 October 1955. The signal box was built in 1898 and renewed during WW2. It is still there, though the gates have gone. There is an older photo at this website. I got some photos, but failed to get any of the Royal Train as it speeded past. Apparently Prince Charles was on board.

We came into Whissendine, and stopped at St Andrew’s church,  SK833143. The church is in the Oakham Team, and has a website. It is a magnificent church – apparently the tower is regular used for parachuting teddy bears. The original church is C13. There is a lot of interest, and I was tired. The light was not good, and there is a bookstall at the back of the church. That alone is enough to warrant another visit. In words of Arnie “We’ll be back”!

We then drove across to Ashwell – there is a signal box where we cross the line – past the Rutland Railway Museum, Cottesmore – website – and onto the A1. It was getting very foggy. A warm room was waiting at the Premier Inn at Norman Cross. This holiday, and more churches, will continue (though no more level crossing gates … sorry).



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