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dsc05018I had a day on the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway – my favourite. On my return I stopped at Myddle – St Peter’s church is at SJ 467236, in the middle of the village. The church website is here and there is a church history page here.


I remember this book, I’m sure I read it many years ago. “Written between the years 1700 and 1706, Richard Gough’s history of Myddle in Shropshire is a biographical profile of a complete village during the 17th century. Gough wrote brief biographies of many of the people living in the village, derived from his own personal experience and observation spanning the period from the civil war up to the beginning of the 18th century. The present edition is introduced by Dr Peter Razell, with a text which has been edited and modernized so as to eliminate material of purely antiquarian interest.”


There is a welcoming notice in the porch – but as the only access to the churchyard and church is by steps, if my wife and I lived in the village we would not be able join in, fully or otherwise.


The church, manor and village, are Saxon foundations, originally given to Shrewsbury Abbey by Warin the Bald – what a shame Ellis Peters never used Warin the Bald in one of her Cadfael novels. It is unlikely that any part of the building is earlier than the C17. Gough says it was very dilapidated during the incumbency of Rector Ralph Kinaston (1596-1929) and “Mr Kinaston offered to pay for the rebuilding of the Tower in stone, to the height of his stature, and to place a stone at that height to mark his gift, but the parishioners would not agree!” I love the way parishioners never agree.  Much of the tower was rebuilt about 1634, the lower part of the south wall is probably original.


The arches and columns are Norman, and the body of the church was rebuilt in 1744 – it cost £255.

dsc05057There was another restoration in 1857-8, when the roof was rebuilt and the pews added. The Chancel was restored in 1877. More work was done in 1995 and 2005. I know I moan about disabled access, but I am aware how hard parishes work to maintain their churches, and how difficult this can be. These buildings are not cheap. They have a current project for the lychgate and war memorial. More expense.


The deep pile carpet through the church is rather luxurious, but they have made it possible to lift it to see the brasses underneath.

dsc05043This one remembers Arthur Chambre of Petten, who died in 1564, his wife and two children. He wears ruff and fur lined gown, while she (her name is not given) wears the ’Mary Queen of Scots’ cup and ruff. There are small effigies of a son and daughter, and one shield of arms.


There are other fascinating memorials – imagine the stories behind all of these.


I like the Gabriel and Michael window.


There is a nice Millennium Tapestry too – faith and life continues.




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  1. Richard Muirhead says:

    Do you have any animals and churches related stories from Derbyshire/Lancashire,eg local animal folklore attached to churches,or effigies or paintings of animals,etc?

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