Hadrian’s Wall Exploration 8 – Wallsend, Segedunum

Before I move South to Derby, I want to put various other Hadrian’s Wall sites on my blog. On Saturday 18 June we arranged to meet our friends at Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend – website. This is where I ended my Wall Walk (did I mention I walked the Wall?), but I didn’t do the Museum. This time we started in the café, then went up to the Observatory. They have a good AV presentation which shows how the landscape has changed.

DSC02556We did the Roman gallery, which has some good items and some  nice AV which brings people to life.


My dad always said he was going to do a study on why Roman tile producers were unable to keep feet off the drying tiles.


They have replica standards and replica dracos. This was what I was wondering about when I mentioned the carnax on my blog about the Celts exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland – my blog. There is good material about these trumpets here.


We then had a wander round the Fort. It is not a particular impressive fort. The bathhouse is closed, which is a huge shame, and they now have a nice herb garden. I do wonder if it is easier to get money for exciting new projects, and not to keep places open and maintained.

DSC02576DSC02578DSC02581DSC02582There are some non-Roman galleries, instead we had a decent lunch – mince and dumplings for two, an omelette for Mary, and excellent fish and chips for me, and all for less than £20.



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