Wallsend, Newcastle – St John the Evangelist

A meeting at a suburban church I would never normally visit. The church is at NZ293672, and has a website. It was built in 1955-6, the architect was G.E. Charlewood FRIBA of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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It is a nice interior, with fittings of American oak. The pews and doors were hand-crafted by apprentices from the Swan Hunter shipyard.

january c 078january c 077I don’t know who did the Christ behind the altar – I probably shouldn’t say that it reminds me of the dementors in Harry Potter …

january c 086january c 088

Nice wood in the Lady Chapel, and some war memorials. This is a church that keeps its crib up until Candlemas.

january c 085

january c 084january c 090Why is there a cabbage patch outside? A reference to Jeremiah 10.5 (look it up!).

january c 081

january c 092

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