Humshaugh – St Peter (again)

DSC02707I visited Humshaugh on Boxing Day 2010, and went back on 20 August 2014 to have a look at some plans they have for new access on the north side – their problem at the moment being that the access at the west end is stepped and away from the road. Too many people walk past. At the moment this door simply leads to the vestry and then in to the church. The plan is for a ramped and stepped access, decent porch/vestibule, display area, and toilets.



DSC02719In the vestry is a photo of Monica Bell and there is a memorial tablet to her in the church. Michael the Vicar told us that she had not qualified when her father died and I think he said Cardinal Hume’s father stood as guarantor for her. Can you imagine that being allowed to happen these days? 24 years as doctor is the same community – the world has changed. Dr Simpson was our family doctor in Barton, a man who looked after our village for many years – I also remember Ruby the receptionist, who had a little shutter she would pull back when someone walked in and then bark at you. Funny the things that remain in your memory.









Some lovely photos of the Humshaugh Home Guard as well. Why do they all look like Corporal Jones? I like the East window and the ceiling above it is rather special too, there was probably a lot more painting.


The parapets at both east and west ends have some problems, as has the bell turret. The parapet over the vestry was removed several decades ago.



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