Lindisfarne – again

DSC04432We have spent a lot of time this summer celebrating the Lindisfarne Gospels. They’ve been back in Durham this summer, so we had a trip there. We had a Summer Festival in Ponteland with flowers and art on the Lindisfarne theme, and I had a history display in our garden. There are photos on the church website – This wonderful artwork was made by the youngsters of Richard Coates Middle School, designed by Stuart Clogg. It hung in the marquee for the Festival.

I went to the island of Lindisfarne a couple of times in July. There was a Diocesan pilgrimage on 13 July so we had a bus. Some folk walked the Pilgrims’ Way, others of us sat in the sun, and we had a service together. I went back a few days later with dad, and did the tourist things. Here’s a few photos. Firstly, St Mary’s church.

DSC04276The St Cuthbert Centre – on the day of the pilgrimage they had a good LG display, some musicians, and the loos are accessible.










Two coloured stones in the Abbey museum – makes you wonder how many of our Northumberland churches were painted in the same vibrant colours.


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