Carham – St Cuthbert

DSC03892There’s a B road south of the River Tweed – NT797384. The old railway from Cornhill to Kelso/Roxburgh is slightly to the south of the road – apparently the viaducts at West Learmouth are quite impressive (Grade II listed). There isn’t a lot in Carham. The village noticeboard tells you to phone a Ponteland phone number if you want the non-emergency police. Let’s have a nice local bobby – how many miles from Carham to police HQ?

DSC03889Pevsner describes the church as “by an amateur, R. Hodson Huntley (who was lord of the manor)”. He built the church in 1790 – you do wonder if Pevsner approves of amateurs building churches. I wonder what my fellow DAC members would do it we had an application from a Lord of the Manor to build one today? The tower and chancel added in 1870. A church leaflet says it is beautiful in daffodil season – I was a fortnight too late! I can imagine that lying in the sun by the Tweed would be marvellous.

DSC03887DSC03884Box pews in church, and some nice glass – a traditional one of Aidan and Cuthbert (with nice little illustrations too). A beautiful drive home along very minor roads – crossing into Scotland at Pressen Hill, and onto the A68 north of Carter Bar.




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