Lindisfarne – Priory

We were a bit naughty as we walked round the Priory without visiting the Visitors’ Centre and booking in – but we are English Heritage members so they didn’t loose any money. It did mean I didn’t buy a guidebook. “A glorious ruin” says Pevsner – is that enough history … yes, probably is. (I’m blogging on Good Friday evening, not an evening when Vicars are at their most exciting! We’re having an inspirational evening watching “The Ladykillers”, one of Ealing Studios’ finest).

This is another Fenwick Lawson statue – Cuthbert (of course). I don’t like this one as much as the one in church. There is also a statue of St Aidan – but I can’t (easily) find out who this one is by. There are much better photos of it on the web – including one which says it is in “The Scottish Borders”.


Let’s have a photo across to the Castle in the fog – we’ll come across again, and find an excuse for a few more photos. It was rather special being on the Island when the tide was in and the tourists had left.

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