Edlingham Castle

You can’t visit Edlingham church and not walk down to the Castle. Owned by English Heritage, it is managed by the PCC – I like the idea of having “Castle” as an item on the agenda. The first castle, more a fortified manor house, dates to around 1295. In 1328 they started to make it more of a castle when the gatehouse, tower and curtain wall were added. There is more information at www.northofthetyne.co.uk/Edlingham.html. It is a free English Heritage property, so I can’t claim to have saved any money!

The viaduct in the background is on the line from Alnwick to Coldstream – www.disused-stations.org.uk/e/edlingham/index.shtml. Opened in 1887, it only had a passenger service for 43 years (closing 22 September 1930). Freight lasted another 23 years (closing 2 March 1953). A lot of building work for such a short-lived line. When we had a Summer Festival a couple of years ago, I chatted to an old farmer who remembered the line in operation.

On Saturday 16 April I drove the road above the castle and church – here’s a photo:

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