Bellingham – St Cuthbert

This year is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible – see my talk all about it at – and I’m part of a group organising the Authorised Version celebrations. One bright idea is to read the AV across the Diocese, and I’d emailed Susan at Bellingham to see if we could get it read in her deanery. “Come and see me for your blog” she said. I joined them at St Cuthbert’s church (NY835833) for BCP Communion. The church dates from about 1100.

I wondered why there were quite so many buttresses holding the walls up – when you get inside and see the heavy stone roof you know why. The roof is 1609 – stop the Scots burning it down if it’s not a wooden roof.

This is a moving tablet.




I liked the font – forgot to ask who the wood carver is.














There aren’t many churches that have canon balls from the roof on display – presumably the attack of 1597 led to the stone roof a few years later.






Outside an excellent selection of tombs – and a nice view over the River North Tyne (though a bit grey and overcast).

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